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One question that I’ve often seen ask is what is the best free theme for Woocommerce, this is a tricky one because I tend to be a little hesitant with free themes, particularly for e-commerce because free themes can often be unsupported by the developer in the long term which can leave it vulnerable to security risks which is really dangerous if you’re taking payments online, however, there is one theme that I think is the best for Woocommerce.

The best free theme for Woocommerce is Storefront, the Storefront theme is built by Woocommerce to perfectly integrate with Woocommerce and is constantly receiving updates and patches which is often not the case with other free themes. The Storefront theme is easy to use and beginner friendly and free which means you can build your own Woocommerce website for the cost of a domain name and hosting.

Problem with free themes

The biggest issue with free themes is that you will often lack the financial incentive to keep the theme updates.

One of the biggest security risks for WordPress is out of date themes and plugins, the advantage of premium themes is that the developers are constantly making sure that the theme is up to date and patching any security risks.

If you run an online store, security risks could ruin your business, your customers are putting a lot of confidence in your brand, if you betray that trust and your website gets hacked, your customers will no longer trust you and won’t want to put in their credit card information on your website.

There is a range of things hackers could do to your e-commerce website, from putting links to their websites in your website to harvesting your customer’s information, stealing their credit card details and potentially putting in their Paypal info so all the payments made on your website will get sent to their Paypal account and there is nothing you can do about it.

Most of your customers will use the same usernames and passwords for multiple websites, so if hackers are able to access this information, they could then access a whole range of other platforms with their details, which means if you have a security risk you have an obligation to notify your customers.

So, therefore, if you choose to start with a free theme, make sure you do your research, you must check reviews and make sure it receives regular downloads.

Storefront theme

The reason why I recommend the Storefront theme over any other free theme is that it’s built by Woocommerce, specifically to integrate perfectly with Woocommerce and receives consistent updates.

How they make money off of Storefront is by offering paid extensions to increase the functionality of Storefront, the base version of Storefront does have some limitations but is perfect for anyone just starting out.

The storefront theme is much more restrictive than other themes, it’s very set in its appearance, which is why I recommend it for beginners.

Most people want to use a highly customizable theme to design the perfect website, the problem is that most beginners don’t know the elements of good web design, so they tend to build awful looking websites.

The first website you build will probably look awful, it can take years for you to learn web design skills which could be better spent building a better product and working on your business.

Storefront takes all the hard work out and gives you the ability to build a great looking website in an afternoon.

Over time as your business grows you can reinvest into some of the Storefront extensions so you can make the theme more reflective of your brand.

There are also a lot of child themes available that use the Storefront framework and build more unique looking websites.

What about Astra Starter Sites?

Astra has done a fantastic job of making it easy to upload amazing looking websites.

The problem is, as soon as you want to make changes to those websites, if it’s your first time you’ll probably make it look bad, the reason web designers charge so much is because they’ve taken a long time to not only learn how to build a website, but how to make the website look good.

I’ve seen it time and time again, someone will take a prebuilt template but they want to add in a few elements and change somethings and before you know it, there is no flow.

If you really want to build a e-commerce site using a theme other than Storefront, Astra site builder would be my next pick.

It will at least build you out a great looking template which you can add to and change.

Keep in mind it’s not going to be as easy as some Youtube videos might suggest.

What about Divi

Divi is amazing, I personally use Divi on all my clients websites.

The problem is, for every great looking Divi site you’ll see, you can easily find an aweful one.

Personally, I think Divi is perfect for web designers.

It has so many customisable elements to it, if you have a vision for how you want your website to look, odds are you can build it in Divi.

I’ve received some odd requests from my clients for elements they want on their website and with a little googling I can usually figure it out in a day.

However, it can be unforgiving, if you don’t know how to structure a website, you can be left with a bad looking website.

They do give away Layout packs which are awesome and have some great tutorials on their website which I’ve found to be a great resource and have used elements I’ve liked on my clients website.

But even with experience, it can take a couple weeks to build a Divi website.

For a beginner, you could find your self-spending months and months tweaking and perfecting your store, time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Divi does have prebuilt layouts you can access from within theme like like Astra but it tends to be a little harder to find.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend Divi for beginners, Divi is amazing and if you really want to use it, build your site with Storefront and start generating sales, then you can build out a new website with Divi and once it’s fully built, replace your old one.

Keep it simple

If it’s the first time you’re building your website, keep it as simple as possible.

The Storefront theme will let you build your website in a single afternoon for the price of hosting.

For every success story you’ve ever heard, there are hundreds of stories of people who have spent months trying to build a website or worse, people who have spent tens of thousands on web designers for a product that no one wants.

In reality, when you’re starting off, having the best website isn’t going to be the thing that gives you success, what will is having a product people want, at a price their willing to pay and having great service.

Once you’ve begun generating sales, then reinvest your profits into a web designer.

I’ve met so many people that have sunk their life savings and spent months and even years on a business that doesn’t work.

That’s exactly why I recommend Storefront to people, you can build a website in a single afternoon that looks amazing and works perfectly for the cost of a cup of coffee a month.

If you want to get started, I have bonus training and tutorials that will teach you everything you need to build your online store today and tips to take it to the next level for anyone who buys their hosting through my affiliate link, head to Hosting to find out more.


I would recommend anyone who is building an e-commerce website for the first time to use Storefront.
I’d even recommend people who have built a website before to use Storefront, because it’s built with Woocommerce, it just works perfectly.

It also receives consistent updates so it will also work with any WordPress updates which means you’ll reduce the risk of security breaches.

Most people acknowledge that WordPress does have a steep learning curve, so utilizing themes that reduce the learning curve is perfect.

My concern with more customizable themes is that you can often spend months chasing your tail and tweaking elements in order to make it work.

These are issues you just don’t get with Storefront, which is why I think it’s the best free theme for Woocommerce.