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Woocommerce is awesome and is personally my favorite e-commerce solution, it’s really easy to set up and use and is a great way to start selling online.

But how much is Woocommerce a month? Woocommerce is free to use, but there are paid plugins that are one-off fee’s that increase its functionality. You do however have to pay for hosting, what that means is that you can run a Woocommerce store for as low as $3.95 a month.

This is why I like Woocommerce compared with other e-commerce solutions that charge a monthly premium and give you all the features, with Woocommerce you only pay for what you use.

The base version of Woocommerce without any paid plugins is more than enough for most people to run a successful online store, I’ve built online stores for clients with Woocommerce who have never had to pay for any extensions who have been able to run successful e-commerce websites.

If you do want to build an online store with Woocommerce, I have a few recommendations to help you get started.


Woocommerce is a plugin that gives WordPress e-commerce functionality, but just like Woocommerce, WordPress is free to use.

WordPress is super easy to use and lets us build a website without having to do any coding or have any previous web design experience.

WordPress itself doesn’t have the ability to accept payments online, so that’s why we add Woocommerce.


A host is where your website is stored and is made available to the internet.

Hosting is going to be your biggest expense, but with the high competition from hosting companies, the price to host your website is lower than ever.

Not only that, but it used to be a complicated process to install WordPress, but it’s now cheaper than ever.

One of the essential things you need for your online store is an SSL certificate, some hosting companies offer free SSL certificates which is great because other hosts can charge hundreds of dollars a year for SSL certificates.

If you want a list of hosting companies that offer free SSL certificates and that are great for e-commerce, head to and anyone who purchases their hosting through one of my affiliate links, I have some free bonuses available.

Quick advice on when purchasing your domain and hosting, they’ll offer you a few upsells, most aren’t necessary, however, you’ll be offered domain privacy which can be a good idea, if you don’t buy domain privacy, your name and contact details are made available for people to see, so what a lot of web designers will do is message people who have recently registered a domain, what that means for you is that if you don’t purchase domain privacy, expect about two weeks of cold emails and cold calls from people offering you web design services.

Because of how popular WordPress is, what you’ll find is that most hosting companies will make it super easy when you get started to install WordPress.

Hosting companies can cost as little as $3.95 a month when you buy in bulk, this is great for getting started, however, as your store gets more popular you may need to go for a more premium hosting company such as WP Engine that is specifically designed to handle websites with higher traffic demands.

Paid plugins

So while Woocommerce is free to use, they do have some paid plugins that are designed to increase its functionality.

What I’ve found is that most people can get away with the free version.

There are some business models that may need to buy some extra plugins, for example, if you have a subscription-based business you’ll need the subscription plugin, or if you want to be able to give your customers the ability to customize their purchases you’ll need to buy the product addon plugin.

What I would suggest is begin with the free version of Woocommerce and as you start generating sales, reinvest into plugins that allow you to increase your businesses functionality and grow your brand.

The advantage of building your online store with Woocommerce is that instead of spending tens of thousands on web designers, you can reinvest that money into improving your customer’s experience.


Another big expense for people building their online store is the WordPress theme, there are both free and paid themes available.

Your theme structures the appearance of your WordPress website, some are more rigid and make your website look in a very specific way and some are much more customizable. You’ll also find some are built for very specific websites such as blogging, e-commerce and forums for example.

The only free theme I recommend for online stores is Storefront by Woocommerce, one of the biggest issues with free themes is that there is no financial incentive to keep the theme updated, this can leave massive security risks.

Security risks for any website are bad but for e-commerce websites, it could ruin your business overnight, your customers need to feel confident making transactions via your website and they feel that their credit card details could be stolen, there is no chance they will buy anything from your shop.

If you’ve been hacked and your customers data has been compromised, you have an obligation to inform your customers and it will be really hard to get them to trust you again.

Which is why it’s so important to keep your website updated and to use the best plugins and themes that recieve contstant updates.

Storefront is the only expectation that I would recommend, because the Storefront theme is built by the Woocommerce team to work perfectly with Woocommerce.

The way they make money from Storefront is just like Woocommerce, where they give it away for free and charge for extra functionality.

The free version of Storefront is more than enough for anyone to build their store with.

Another reason I like Storefront is that it’s extremely easy to use and is beginner friendly.

The Storefront theme is available on the recommendations page on the Woocommerce startup wizard when you install the plugin for the first time.

Total costs

It can depend on your business but for most online stores the only costs to get started are your domain name and hosting.

If your business required some extra functionality such as subscriptions there would be some extra one-off costs for some additional plugins.

As long as you choose the right hosting company like the ones I recommend, you can get a free SSL certificate which can save hundreds.

There are a range of paid themes you can choose for your store, but I think Storefront is perfect for any online store getting started and it’s free.

So all in all, to build your first online store, it would be around $10 for the domain name and $3.95 a month for your hosting, compare that with some other e-commerce solutions which start at $29 a month, Woocommerce is a fantastic way to get started with your online business.